October 22, 2015

Our Clients

Partial List of our Customers

Sr. No. Name of Customer Location Standard
1. M/s Jagdamba Liquified Steels Limited Rookee (U.K) TS-16949
2. M/s Jupiter Solar Power Limited Baddi (H.P) IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
3. M/s Diesel Shed (Northern Railway) Ludhiana IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
4. M/s Bridge Workshop (North Railway) Jalandhar IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
5. M/s Electric Shed (Northern Railway) Ludhiana IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
6. M/s Electric Shed (Northern Railway) Ghaziabad IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
7. M/s Kapoor Industry Panipat IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS) & SA-8000
8. M/s Alpex Export Industry Nalagarg (H.P) IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
9. M/s Cosmo Electro Industry Baddi (H.P) Internal Auditor Training
10. M/s Havells Industry –do– –do–
11. Dr. Reddy’s Lab –do– –do–
12. M/s Eastman Cast & Forge Limited Ludhiana IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
13. M/s Asian Cutting Tools & Allied Ind. –do– ISO 9001:2008 – QMS
14. M/s A. K. Multimetals Pvt. Limited Mandigobindgarh –do–
15. M/s Jain Steel Industries –do– –do–
16. M/s Kumar Engineering Corp. –do– –do–
17. M/s Anita Forging Ludhiana –do–
18. M/s Ramya Balaji Iron & Steels –do– TS-16949
19. M/s Mahaluxmi Steels –do– ISO 9001:2008 – QMS
20. M/s Jackson Laboratories Sansarpur (H.P) –do–
21. M/s Jackson Laboratories Amritsar –do–
22. Gian Jyoti Institute of Mgt. & Tech Mohali –do–
23. M/s Vikrant Components Ludhiana –do–
24. M/s Sharu Steels Limited –do– –do–
25. M/s Sharu Hitech Alloys Pvt. Limited –do– –do–
26. M/s B. P. Alloys Limited –do– –do–
27. M/s Divyansh Educational & Lab Prod. Ambala Cantt –do–
28. M/s Bios Envirotech & Analytical Ahmedabad –do–
29. M/s Devi Fabricator –do– –do–
30. M/s Captain Polyplast Rajkot –do–
31. M/s Ashutosh Interiors Ahmedabad –do–
32. M/s Royal Anodise –do– –do–
33. M/s Paras Group of Companies –do– –do–
34. M/s Shivam Industries –do– –do–
35. M/s Indogum Products –do– –do–
36. M/s Power Instrumentation –do– –do–
37. M/s SAN Envirotech –do– –do–
38. M/s Pinnacle Cholochem Pvt. Limited Badodara –do–
39. M/s Nikhil Petrochem Ahmedabad –do–
40. M/s Peaton Electricals –do– –do–
41. M/s Dada Motors –do– –do–
42. M/s Lead Reclaim Rubber Ahmedabad –do–
43. M/s Jemby Chem Limited –do– IMS (QMS-EMS-OHSAS)
44. M/s Safex Industires –do– ISO 9001:2008 QMS
45. M/s Gatral Brass Industries Rajkot –do–
46. M/s B.S.Shipping Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad –do–
47. M/s Affine Steels Pvt. Limited Haridwar (U.K) –do–
48. M/s Mankoo Machine Tool Ludhiana –do–
49. M/s Jaiswal Caterers Gandhi Nagar ISO 22000 – FSMS
50. Gujrat Energy Research & Mgt. Inst. –do– ISO 9001:2008 QMS